Friday, June 17, 2011

In Which I Experiment with my Body

I've been doing a bit of experimentation with my body the last few weeks. When I put it that way it sounds like I've gone all Tony Stark and put in some sort of contraption into my chest but no, it's with food. Before I met H, I was ahem, younger, and could eat anything I wanted with no consequences. Those days are gone. Have I waxed poetic about the fabulous Olay Regenerist Lifting Serum for eyes I just bought? No? I will soon. It's magic on my tired, old peepers.

I digress.

I could eat anything I wanted back then, but what I ate was typically almost entirely vegetarian. It wasn't an ethical issue. I just didn't like buying and cooking meat for one. I ate a lot of veggies, fruit, dairy and nuts. Carbs were not a mainstay either. Fast forward ten years and three kids later and I feel like carbs have carb-babies in my pantry while I sleep. They are called Annie's Bunnies, Goldfish, and Mac 'n'Cheese. Slicing, dicing, cutting and chopping giant salads and fruit plates doesn't happen when it takes me ten minutes to just get the ingredients out of the fridge because I am always interrupted by people who eat play-doh for a living.

Then, on my trip to Wyoming I just shut down. No more. Greens only please. Protein shakes and nuts? Why, thank you. Two weeks later, I felt fantastic! I had more energy and I was um.. happier. As in, I spent a day wrangling kids and H would come home and ask, "Why are you in such a good mood?" There were like crafts and shit done by my hands with my kids. It was crazy. I had energy to work out and play with the kids all day and do work. I organized stuff around the house and even gardened. What the hell?

So this week I went back to the old ways. I ate regular standard meals and more meat. Guess what? I am exhausted. I feel like shit to put it frankly and after Tuesday had no energy or motivation for the gym. I may not have invented a new life support system a la Iron Man but I think I am on to something at least for my genetic make-up. I am in no way saying this works or is for everyone. Next week, I will try my damnest while in Michigan (courtesy of Ford!) to eat the new way. I might feel like the Bionic Woman once again.

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