Tuesday, February 22, 2011

On Rush Limbaugh and FLOTUS

My undies are in a bunch this week on a few things and all of them round back to our dear FLOTUS, Michelle Obama.

First up- her cause to eat right and get moving. The woman is trying to combat the epidemic of unhealthy eating and living that we as a country seem to think is our right.  Is nothing more American than eating a giant Big Mac with a boat load of fries or sipping on a Big Gulp?  To some people, it is their given right as an American to load up on the fat, sugar and sodium- health be damned.  It's a disease, an addiction for some and for others economical factors play a huge role in not being able to eat in a balanced, healthy manner.  Mrs. Obama's campaign is to educate and create a dialog as well as resources to get a balanced diet into all of us.  Our very future as a country depends directly on our health as individuals.

So when Rush Limbaugh lambastes First Lady Michelle Obama for her eating ribs and not tree bark like she claims we all should.  Big air quotes there.  I get mad.  Saying Mrs. Obama should eat more of the berries and roots she extols upon frequently should would look more like an SI swimsuit model or piece of celebrity arm candy.  It's maddening and only fuels the fire with which women and especially young girls see as a healthy body type. 

Also, Mr. Limbaugh - get the nutritional balance and dietary advice right.  You can find out that ribs are 1500 calories but you can't seem to obtain the small bit of knowledge that is needed to be correct in what healthy eating should be.  Of course you can't- you think by eating tree bark you can look like a supermodel.  You ask her to "show us" but you show nothing.  You ask that we find some place other than the mall for our kids to hang out at but you offer no advice or contribution towards helping this country out except to suck up air space.  Loser. 

I despise you Rush Limbaugh.  I feel sorry for you that the only way you can create controversy these days is by putting forth untruths about a balanced diet and what a woman should be like physically.  We all know that every girl is dying to grow up and date A-Rod, right?  I think not.  Thanks for nothing idiot.  You, my friend, are a real fat prize.  Pure proof of what stupidity and gluttony can do to a person.  That's Rush Limbaugh.

Maybe tomorrow I'll discuss how dumb it is that some women are up in arms about tax codes and medical expenses that benefit women and children (breast pumps, breastfeeding supplies) but they don't seem to care that contact lenses are also defined as a tax coded medical reimbursement.  Heaven forbid we encourage something healthy that benefits women and children.  It's so elitist to think that way. Snort.


  1. What an ass. That's all I've got.

  2. If you need another topic to be outraged about:


    Who the hell thinks a government shutdown is the answer? It's insanity.


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