Monday, July 19, 2010

Saturday Afternoon Fever

Cross-posted and archived DC Metro Moms post.  Original date February 17, 2008. Re-reading this makes me think, "BLD! I want to go to there! Again!"

I have a confession to make. I hate kids stuff. Go ahead and tsk tsk me if you want to, that's fine, I'm used to it. If you admit to not loving spending hours putting together the same puzzle or picking up leaves in the freezing cold then I applaud you. I find nothing fun about going to fairs, going on rides, or petting zoos either. Spending the afternoon, day, or a vacation with a cartoon character is not my cup of tea. I can play puzzles, coloring and tea party just so long with my daughter before I have had my fill and I want to go read Newsweek aloud to her instead.

And truthfully? I feel just awful about it. I feel like less of a parent. I want to like doing it. I really do. I feel that it makes me a not so fun or great Mom to her just because I find these things incredibly boring. Sometimes I tell myself that maybe I am just not a little kid person and that when she is older and can converse on a higher level I will be OK. Who am I kidding though, by then she probably won't want to have anything to do with me and it will be too late.

I become paralyzed by the fact that perhaps her childhood memories will not be those of fun afternoons playing dress-up with Mommy, but of Mommy trying in vain to read her books about Richard Nixon. I continuously try and find things to do with her pint-sized self that keep my attention for more than two minutes as well. Until recently I was low on ideas. Then, I lucked out. I went to review a new gig in town and found just the thing. Baby Loves Disco.

For an entire afternoon my daughter and I spun, twirled, shook what our mommas gave us and had a blast. This went on for three hours. I didn't even notice the time. During this event I smiled more than I had in a week combined and I think my daughter did too. We played with colored scarves and ate snacks while bopping to the beat. We shook egg shakers and chased bubbles and ran ourselves ragged all over the club that Baby Loves Disco rents out for an afternoon. Finally, I felt I had found something that spoke to both of us. Dancing. Once we started dancing all silliness ensued.

I was surprised and quite pleased to stumble upon this revelation. I love to dance and I often try to dance with my daughter at home but somehow it never lasts or is as much fun. Maybe it was being out of the house and in a new environment. Maybe it was the beer I drank from the bar. Maybe it was simply the fact that surrounded by other parents just letting loose I finally surrendered to the silly in a way I often don't make time for at home. Having no other alternative but to just boogie was apparently what we as a family needed. I found myself having more fun with my husband too.

For me, this was a welcome change from the usual suburban Saturdays we tend to spend as a family. I found myself having a blast with both my spouse and my daughter. I bonded with my daughter in a way that does not happen as often as it should. I got to show a side of myself that is normally not so frequent since I became a parent and it was freeing. I realized that afternoon that I need to surrender more than just the time but also my heart and my mind more often than I actually do. It was a wake up call of sorts but one that was needed. Since that Saturday afternoon my daughter and I have spontaneous 'rock-outs' that no one else participates in. It seems she understands now what dancing is all about and it is a fun release that we both need and share.


Jill Asher said...

I missed BLD when they were out here in Northern California - but heard it was a blast!

Reply February 17, 2008 at 08:36 AM Jessica said...

Glad to hear the event is fun for parents and kids alike! The next one in DC is on April 5th: Thank you for reviewing so the rest of know to definitely go!

Reply February 17, 2008 at 07:25 PM Jean said...

This sounds like a lot of fun. Almost every night after dinner we go to the living room and dance. Although it tends to turn into a mosh pit with my three guys. It's a great release.

And trust me, you're not the only mom who doesn't want to put the alphabet puzzle together for the 63rd time. It doesn't make you a bad mom; it makes you human. (And, frankly, an adult.)

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  1. Hi! Baby Loves Disco will be returning to Washington's legendary 9:30 Club on Sunday August 22nd - Check out the news at to learn more. It's part of the Baby Loves Disco Lemonade Tour 2010!


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