Friday, June 04, 2010

Where's Mummy?

It's this Friday's edition (Good Lord we are here already?!) of where I'm at this week.  Next week? I'll be in the state of Idaho and blogging from there.  Tres excitement, no?

It's been a bit of a Sex and the City 2 kind of week here.  I saw the film on Saturday and reviewed it at Honest Baby this week.  

Mummy's Product Reviews snagged a copy of the SATC2 soundtrack and reviewed that as well. 

Over at TheFind shopping blog I'm talking about Urban Rituelle Body Butter

I'm trying to keep myself from ordering HBO for the summer. Again.  I'm having True Blood and Entourage withdrawals already. 

My friend informed me that I simply wasn't in the blogging 'know' if I wasn't reading 'Rants from Mommyland' so I'm giving you a sample today with their latest, 'Pool Etiquette for Adults' post.

See you Monday!

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