Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Overheards- Jail Time

Scene:  The whole family is in the car.  We've been out all day furniture shopping for the girls new room.

TD:  "How long is jail?"

H and I exchange glances while idling at a stop light. 

V:  "What do you mean, "How long is jail?"

TD:  "Just tell me.  How. Long. IS. JAIL?!"  She is already exasperated.

H and I exchange looks again.

H: "Why do you want to know?"

TD: "I just need to know is all!" 

V: "OK, pumpkin listen, jail has various times.  It's not just one set time. So again, why do you want to know?"

H: "It depends on what you have done.  If it is a small bad thing it isn't for very long. If it is a big bad thing it is for much longer."

V: "Right.  Sometimes jail time is for the rest of your life too, if you have done something really, really bad. Even short times in jail are much longer than your time outs."

TD:  Sits thoughtfully in her car seat for a moment and still looks frustrated.  She throws up her hands and runs her fingers through her wild mane of hair and throws out her arms once again saying, "Well, I just need to know!"

I glance at H and say, "I get the feeling that if she knew the phrase, "hypothetically speaking...." we would be getting further with this conversation. H nods and says, "As in, 'hypothetically speaking, if I were to shiv you both for making me spend a day furniture shopping..."


  1. Too too funny! That is YOUR daughter right there.

  2. OK, that actually made me LOL. for real.

  3. LOL

    When my daughter went through that, someone at school had told her she was going to put my daughter in jail for being bad. Maybe it's something like that...(let's hope not quite the same, since this was a teacher not a student!)


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