Thursday, June 17, 2010

My Inner Andy Rooney Comes Out. Again.

Changes are a'comin' to this household in the form of Baby Trois a.k.a the Fifth Element.  We purchased a slew of furniture last weekend to turn TD's solo room into a room for deux complete with bunk beds. I swear this time I will finish decorating the room.  Really, I will. 

The Comedian has been in the converted crib to toddler bed about a month or so now and with great success.  Since bed shopping this past weekend she wants to be in the room with TD at night too.  I am taking this all as a positive sign that once we move her over into the lower bunk she will adjust and be content.  Then the Internet stepped in with a cute little note in my inbox titled, "Is Your Toddler Ready for a Real Bed?"  Of course, I clicked and read the article.  Any helpful hints or ideas that we didn't need or use with TD would be more than welcome. 

Then I found myself screaming at the computer screen as I read the following-  

"Another tactic, although it requires a little more work, is to throw a "big-kid bed" party. Choose a date to unveil the new bed, and talk up the event a week in advance. On the big day, have a party and invite friends and grandparents."

Yes, yes, I know this is just "another tactic" but for some reason when I read this idea it really pissed me off. My yelling had me sounding like some Andy Rooney impersonator.  I griped on and on about how ideas like this create overly sensitive children who can't cope with real change and blah, blah, blah.  It's not that I subscribe to the Betty Draper way of parenting and lock my kids in the closet, but the idea of making such a big deal out of something that is just a natural occurrence in the flow of life just hit me the wrong way.  Not everything has to be so monumental, you know?  It's just a freakin' bed.  It's we, the adults, who see more into it than is necessary. 

On the other hand maybe I need to find a new therapist to deal with my new found "I Never Had a Big Girl Bed" party and tell my parents how I now feel my childhood was not complete and I got jiped.  Wait. I don't even remember being placed in a bigger bed, which probably didn't have side rails.  I'm just sayin'.

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