Thursday, May 27, 2010

We're Doing Something Right

There are so many days, moments and even weeks where as a parent you wonder if you are doing anything right. It is hard to see the big picture and not be stuck in the muck and mire of daily living and realize that maybe; just maybe you are doing something right as the parents to your kids.

I had a moment like that today. TD was playing with her dollhouse, something I bought for her with such great expectations at Christmastime and one of those toys that did not hit the mark. As she set up the house and played with the dolls, I heard her say, "It's OK. What seems to be the problem? Oh, well, if something is broken, that is OK. Just tell me and we'll try to fix it together."

It seems small but it was in that quiet moment that I realized she is actually listening and learning to what we have to say about how to solve problems without tantrums and fights. Her dolls did not bicker, freak out or throw themselves on the floor in disappointment as she is sometimes prone to do. They quietly resolved the problem of whatever was broken in a calm manner. It is what we try to do with her each time a situation like this occurs. We are often left wondering what we are missing or doing wrong when this behavior just keeps cropping up. It is how we talk to her and what she seems to never hear or comprehend.

Yet, she must, on some level. I have to say it was quite heartening to hear and gave me the boost I needed as a parent in a somewhat frazzled week. Later, she even said to her dolls, "It's fine. I love you just the way you are."

I got a bit emotional then. 


  1. Isn't that the best? When you realize somehow you are actually getting through.

  2. So true!!! Aiden tends to be pretty rough with Savannah. But every once in awhile he'll give her a big hug....or if she's crying he'll whisper "wassamatta Sananah" and it just makes my heart leap. They do listen, even when we think they don't!


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