Monday, April 19, 2010

Traveling is Cake

Oh, sad little, lonely blog.  I've been so neglectful these past few weeks as I live my own version of the movie, "Up in the Air".  Each day I wake up in a different bed, my cell phone alarm chiming away at me. A breakfast suprise awaits me as I head to the lobby or to venture out on my own to find some food.  The worst was the area that didn't have a single place open for breakfast and I had to resort to chugging instant oatmeal out of a cup with out even a spoon. This was also the same place that had no internet service.  Hello, 1994!!! 

Good times. 

My bank account will be happy, the review site will be brimming with hotel and car reviews too. I'll be debuting my new brand of review, "Sneak Attack!" style reivew, so stay tuned.  Hotels around the country considered yourself warned. 

It's fun, tiring and a great way to feel independent as I navigate new areas, work with various types of people and organizations and find new places to sustain myself.  I miss H and I miss the kids but I have yet to miss our daily grind.  When clients say to me, "How do you do this while being pregnant?" I just smile and say, "THIS is a whole lot easier than climbing the stairs of a townhouse all day long with two small kids, laundry and all that entails."  And it's true.  Giving presentations, delegating and overseeing  events is less of a strain on me than making three squares, cleaning a home, running errands with little ones in tow and all the while trying to work.  To me, this is cake. 

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