Monday, March 08, 2010

You read. You comment.

I wrote a post last week about media pressures on women to look hot.  It went out into the internet and all I got back was the sound of crickets chirping.  I said to H, "I really thought that would generate some discussion, some comments of some sort at least and it was like, nothing."  He replied, "Look, you are an intelligent writer but you are very moderate. You write something like that and it is as if the reader reads it and thinks, "Right. I can agree with that point of view."  There is no controversery, nothing inflammatory to get people riled up.  That is what generates comments most of the time." 

So basically I need to start saying stuff like this to get comments?

People who own cats are dirty, filthy beings.

American Idol is for losers.

Women who have had disabled children are being punished by God because of past life events. 

Oh wait, someone already said that and besides I think they are an ignorant jackass. 

I can see H's point though.  However, I feel like this-

The internet, blogs, websites, in general, are all free services that allow us to take advantage of loads of free content.  We gather information, ideas, thoughts and opinions from others for free.  It's a pretty sweet deal.  I for one provide stories, reviews, and all of the above for free on a daily basis here and in many other places.  It's a sweet deal for the reader.  Not so much for me who gets to hear the sound of crickets though.  I don't put this stuff out there and expect to hear silence. I want other peoples thoughts, ideas, opinions and comments.  I value my readers (all three of you) thoughts and opinions a lot.  I think commenting on a blog post or anything online that you have read is a matter of common decency.  Manners if you will and I'm all about the manners.  I shouldn't have to pose a question to stir up discussion or garner comments either.  To me that it too simple. It is spoon-feeding and I think it is rather lame.  Sure, I can do it sometime but comments should be there regardless. 

Otherwise, it gets to be rude.  I don't like associating with rude people either.  It's like being friends with people who keep iguanas. 


  1. What do you have against iguanas!?!?!

    I hear you on this post: I really try not to post anything that will upset, well, anyone---I once inadvertently upset my sister a LOT with a post, and that bummed me out for weeks. When I write something to rant, it's usually about the kids or about Big Major Corporation that everyone hates.

    I've had loads of things I'd like to say about my husband, kids, family, etc but I always think about how they'll feel reading it. And so the juicier posts stay hidden inside me.

    On the positive side, I've never ever had a troll (knock on wood) or even anyone be super mean in comments.

    My comments have been way down lately too and I attribute some of it to the weather----that first nice day and the internet runs outside---that's a good thing, right?

    But, yeah, I hear you. I just don't understand what makes people comment sometimes.

  2. I was just eavesdropping on a similar discussion with a group of bloggers this weekend. They all agreed that comments just aren't what they used to be. Most of us rarely have time to read and comment like we did, say, a year ago. Someone even thought that comments were no longer the "thing", since so many of us keep up with each other in other ways online (twitter, etc). I'm not sure, but I will say this....the posts I'm most proud of, the ones I think will get a gajillion comments? Get the crickets. The neutral, fairly lame posts I write get a ton. I think it's "easier" to comment on those posts....the other require thought and I'm not sure readers want that anymore...It doesn't seem like it, anyway.

  3. I think comments are down on blogs in general especially in compared to blog readers. I blame RSS feeds and twitter. But I miss comments too.

  4. I am NOT dirty!!!!


    I read (& admire) but can be shy on some blogs in the comment department. Sorry.

  5. This post made me laugh and also feel "convicted." There are several blogs I read regularly but don't comment on. So am I a "troll?" Sometimes I feel like I don't have anything good to say, and I don't want to risk sounding stupid, virtually. But you make an excellent point.

    I had several childhood cats that I adored and let sleep on my bed, and I cried when they died. However, now the thought of cats and litter boxes in my own home is disgusting.

    I love American Idol. I am not a loser.

    That guy is a fucking idiot.

    And you have way more than 3 readers. Stop being so modest. :)

  6. If only the internet worked that way.

    Do you comment everywhere you read?

    I know it is frustrating, but you will never get 100% of your readers to comment.

    Even when you shame us into it.

  7. Oh LOOK! Comments! Heh. Shaming, if you want to call it that, worked now didn't it? (Insert evil laugh.)

    I have nothing against iguanas or cats. American Idol I hate but watch what you want. I just knew it would rile someone up.

    It's sad if comments are down due to RSS feed and Twitter. I feel that is how the connections all began and while we still hold on to the ones we made long ago we sort of die on the vine when we don't keep learning new things or meeting new people even if it is via blog.

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  9. Anonymous8:45 AM

    Before I started blogging, I only lurked. Even when I loved a blog post, I didn't comment because I didn't understand how important it was to the author. I didn't get that the comments were feedback and affirmation in a way. I also agree with Tiffany that people don't comment on the more thought provoking posts because it is harder, and maybe moms have a case of "mommy brain" sometimes. Love what you said!

  10. I'll admit it, I lurk more than comment. I might have a moment to read, but not time to comment. I think @jodifur is spot on. I might read a post on my phone through RSS and have every intent of commenting when I can get to a full sized keyboard, but then life gets in the way. But I do try and comment...


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