Tuesday, March 09, 2010

She's Four and Getting Married

I guess I should be happy. She has good taste in er, boys.  A few weeks ago a mother to a boy in TD's class informed me that TD was her son's "Lady Love" and that they were "betrothed".  "Don't freak out." She said.  "We've been reading Robin Hood and that is how they talk and how the book refers to Maid Marian." OK, then.

They hold hands going into school.  They have playdates and in general, are similar and just genuinely like each others company.  It's a match made in preschool heaven when you find someone who eats the same organic snacks and hates loud noises like you do.  Right?

But TD might be two-timing her man.  Today she told me, "I'm marrying Reilly.  I'll hold flowers and then we'll hold hands after we're married because that is what you do when you are married."  "Oh really? Reilly?" I asked.  "Yes, Reilly.  Can we have a playdate so we can get married?"  I told her we would wait on the playdate since this was the first I had heard of this Reilly character. "OK. FINE." She said with a bit of an exasperated edge to her voice.  "Just don't tell anyone about us getting married.  I'm just telling myself right now.  It's still a secret."

I sort of feel for poor Reilly now.  He has no idea what is going on. 


  1. Oh how sweet! Your daughter is already preparing for her part on the Bachelorette. (Mind you, I was originally going to put Shot at Love on VH1, but thought I would go with something classier. She is, after all, practically related to me.)

  2. I think that is the sweetest thing I have heard all week. I've had a pretty terrible week, but still.

    Would that we could keep more of this idealism than we can and still be grownups in this weird world.

    lso there will be a ton of Rileys and Reillys in the workforce in 20 years.


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