Thursday, February 11, 2010

Overheards- The Old Bra

Scene: I am getting ready for bed and H, already snuggled under the covers, peers out at me.

H: Wow that must be an old bra.

V: Excuse, me? What are you talking about? I've worn this bra, like, twice. Ever.

H: Well, it's all see-through and worn out looking.

V: Oh geez. (I snort) You poor man! This is not an old bra, I just never wear it and it's not the super-nude or basic black ones I normally sport.

Two things people. One, even when I play things up with my bra I rarely choose see-through for daily use as it just isn't practical to me. I like a smooth line and not something that is going to show how cold it is or the exact shape of my areola, you know? Since this third pregnancy, I've discovered a great need for pretty underwear on a daily basis. I want coordinated, colorful, sexy pieces so I can feel less like an effin' breeder who should be quarantined to a nearby farm (organic only, please!) and more like me. Second, how sad is it that H can no longer decipher women's underwear?!

Then again, maybe that is a good thing.


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