Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Snow is Beautiful. Just Don't Be an Idiot.

It is snowing in our part of the world again. White flakes big and small swirl around as heavy winds beat against the screens helping to form icy drips that coat them. All around me, I hear the same thing. A chorus of, "I hate this! I'm sick of snow!" It goes on and on in a never-ending cacophony of voices that I really do not understand.

I hate winter. I hate the cold, the icy rains, sleet, slush and grayness of it all. The black, bleak branches of trees reaching up to an impervious grey sky make me shiver and bemoan winter's very existence. What I do not hate is snow. Snow to me is still a magical gift. It is Mother Nature's way of telling us to stop, look around and take a breather. The snow is a perfect way to get outdoors and see the world in a very different way. Everything is clean, blanketed in white and hushed by its weight. We bundle ourselves up like tics and adventure outdoors only to come back inside invigorated as we stamp our boots free from the snow and discuss the possibilities of hot chocolate. Neighbors come outdoors to clear walkways, shovel out of their abodes, and in turn talk to one another in ways that they normally do not. When it snows and H and I hear the other adults spew out their non-stop litany of complaints we simply look at one another puzzled and shrug our shoulders saying, "It's just snow. It is fun. Just don't be an idiot." Snow gives me a chance to play. We sled, take night walks with the kids and make igloos, tunnels, snow angels and more. There is nothing better than taking an inner tube out on a street at night and sliding down it wicked fast with not a car in sight. Overall, we tend to gaze out the windows more and see things in ways we did not before the snow. It is beautiful.

While it is truly awful to lose power or be without supplies in a situation like this, also a break from our daily lives has us rushing around, never stopping, never playing or truly looking around. Grumble all you want about the snow that we are being pummeled with these days but know that it is fleeting. It doesn't happen all the time and you are safe and warm. Have fun with it. Stop being such a...grown-up.



  1. Anonymous1:55 AM

    When we heard about all the snow falling back east I told Drew that despite my feelings about winter, I miss the occassional good storm, when everything shuts down -no work- and all you can do is play in the snow and be cozy inside and drink Hot Toddies and Bloodies all day. I do miss that.

  2. thanks for the link. And I'm sorry, I just hate the stupid snow.


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