Monday, January 11, 2010

My Goody Drawer

I keep things hidden away in my nightstand. Things that no one in my house can have but me. In pretty wrappings, sometimes shiny and glistening, they beckon to me as they sit and wait until just the right moment when I open the draw and pull one out just for my pleasure.

It's candy. I keep loads of candy in my nightstand. Ever since Claudia from the Baby Sitter's club gave me the clever idea of hiding junk food in my room I have done just that. I am like an old lady hoarding money under my mattress. Except in my case, it is probably a box of Good 'n Plenty.

Wispa bars. Cadbury eggs. Chocolate bars loaded with crunchy bits of toffee. Dark chocolate bite-sized nuggets. Sometimes gum, but that is too boring.

Now that I have embarked on this 'no sugar for a month' insanity, my "goody drawer" is off-limits. All those luscious, creamy, sugar-packed morsels will have to wait until February, one of the most delightful months of the year. When I can come off this crazy-train of zero sugar and embrace my inner candy whore by delving into heart-shaped boxes of chocolate filled with marshmallow goo.
Bliss:  Thy name is Fluff.



  1. You have better willpower than I do. If I knew I had it, I'd eat it!

  2. Anonymous7:04 PM

    What the hell is a Wispa bar??

  3. Now I really want Cadbury Eggs...

    Good luck! I am impressed with your strength of will. I wouldn't be able to keep away!

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