Friday, January 08, 2010

You Have WHAT on Your Ceiling?

You are probably wondering what that thing is.  If you guessed a breast implant, well bonus points for creativity, but that is not correct. 

I told you before we were revamping our house.  That picture is of quite possibly the world's ugliest bathroom light I have ever laid eyes on.  It does look like a breast implant!  It must go.

The paint has been picked out, the new hardware is waiting silently in its box to be alerted into action.  There is even a wall cabinet to be hung.  At last! Toilet paper, tissues and hand towels will be stacked in neat rows, comingling together.  It's like some sick HGTV dream.

This is a project I wish I could tackle all on my own, however painting with The Comedian around and no one to referee her would only result in disaster.  There is just no way I'm going to explain why my one year-old was climbing a ladder with a spackling knife to some nurse in the ER. 

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