Thursday, January 21, 2010

The 90's

Next week I will be journey into the cold, arctic North known as New England.  My grandmother is turning ninety.  Ninety, y'all.  That's a big-time, lets all party down event.  Cake and ice cream will be served. There might be a sash or crown.  Like my grandmother, this event will be ...wait for it...LEGENDARY.

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Here is four generations of the family right here.  Many more will be present and I can't wait. 


  1. Vicky! Great pic... did you submit that to my mom? I'm sure she would love to add it to the slideshow!!

  2. Anonymous1:23 PM

    What a beautiful photo! Your mom looks amazing, she looks exactly the same as when we were in high school. You look great too!

  3. Have fun in New England, I wouldn't mind making a trip up there even in the cold of winter!


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