Friday, January 22, 2010

Is There a Plan C?

A week or so ago I mentioned that I had some "stunning" news.  That news would be that after the debacle that was Mirena and some malfunctions on Lifestyles part and Plan B, it has come to our notice that now we need a Plan C.

I'm pregnant. 

This my friends, was not planned. We, well I, was done.  No more pregnancies, no more babies and puking up my insides for months on end.  No more ginormous boobs to contend with as well as puffiness, cankles, or pants that don't stay up. My breeding days were over.

Ha! I feel like the Grand Pumpkin that comes to life in the Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors spoof.  He is fed pumpking bread by Milhouse and then screams, "Revenge!" and sets out to eat all the little children at the Halloween party.  Yes, Lifestyles and Plan B, I want revenge and restitution!  When I plunked down my $50 for Plan B along with a pregnancy test I never wanted to use, I really meant it when I said to the pharmacist, "Yes! That better be all."

I got rid of everything.  There are no more infant clothes.  No swings, boppies, Bumbo, baby bathtubs, or slings. All of it is gone. Maternity clothes?  I gave them all away or practically lit their poly-blend asses on fire.  We are all out of baby here.

So forgive me for all my cranky mood swings.  My winter blues and never-ending morning sickness have just done gone and killed my creativity these days.  I still can't wrap my head around this news despite the constant reminders that would be me barfing and spontaneously gagging all over the place.  Maybe when the cankles return will I really believe that this is happening.  Until then, bear with me.  I have no idea how to formulate this new Plan C. 


  1. Well, congratulations my friend. Was this the "too much going on you mentioned?"

  2. Wow, I sure didn't see THAT coming!

  3. **Hugs**
    Even though I know you're not a hug kind of person, I'm sending you hugs because, dammit, you need them.
    I'm here for you....

  4. Ahhh...cankles. I guess the consolation is that by the time you get them you can't see past your belly (unless you're bent over the bowl and barfing). :)

    Best of luck.

  5. Congratulations! I imagine it's really tough to get this kind of news when you're not expecting it. I know I would be floored if it happened to me.

    Here's the good news: (1) Shopping (2) Baby

  6. You will formulate because that's what you do, I guess. Clearly I have no answers because I've never even gotten off the ground with a plan A. ;)

    I am congratulating you anyway and wishing your family as smooth a ride with this as possible. Maybe this will be the one who cures swine flu. ;) (I KNOW I KNOW, expectations, screw 'em.)

  7. I completely understand how you feel. Our third one was a surprise. I was turning 40. We had agreed we were done and we were going to make it permanent, if you know what I mean. We got rid of all the newborn stuff and began getting rid of toddler stuff, too. Then three days before my 40th bday, the little plus sign showed up on a little stick. I cried for a month and was sick for many months. If you need a sympathetic ear, give me a buzz. Hugs to you.

  8. Both of my pregnancies have been unplanned (admittedly 9 years apart). People have been so generous to me recently with passing along old items that I'd be happy to pass along anything I'm not still using when your new addition arrives. I know you don't want to think about it right now, but know the offer is open. For now, I hope you can find a way to stay sane and I'll keep my fingers crossed that the sickness passes earlier this time.


    Now teach the oldest to change diapers.

    I'm just saying...


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