Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome to Crazy Town

About a year ago, on a rather traffic-clogged road trip that was full of screaming Comedians and whiney Dictators, and me trying to claw my way through the upholstery or squeeze through a vent.  Any vent!  We all felt like we were about to lose it.  TD asked for the ninety-millionth time the classic line of, "Daddy! Are we there yet?!  Where are we going?!" 

H bellowed out, "Crazy Town. We are going to Crazy Town."  "Yippie!" She yelled. "Crazy Town! I can't wait until we get to Crazy Town!!"  It was just the levity we needed at that moment.

Crazy Town.  It's our house, at any given moment, especially during the dinner hour when everyone is hungry, no one wants what I'm cooking and everyone is overtired.  Crazy Town is our life on a daily basis it seems. 

For this new decade, with the housing market and our lives the way they are right now, we have decided to make our home a bit less crazy.  In the long run at least.  We are going into 2010 simplifying some areas (no large birthday parties, no toy stores barfing up their warehouses into our home.) and creating a bit of chaos in others.  We are re-vamping our house.  We need more space. It is as simple as that. 

It began last weekend when we cleaned out the basement.  Then the attic storage space.  Unstoppable I attacked TD's closet.  The trash men deserve a sheet of gold stars and some booze for picking up all that crap this past week.  Last night after three and a half hours in the car coming home from grandma's we pulled into Lowe's parking lot "just to look at paint samples." Pfffttt... Sure, I got the paint samples.  But we also walked out with laundry room shelves, basement shelves, a bathroom wall cabinet and a new faucet.  The kids were in meltdown and I was feeling wild-eyed and slightly crazy as we checked out.  Being near so many powerful saws and nail guns wasn't helping.  It was time to go home. To Crazy Town.

I have a feeling I will soon be the mayor of Crazy Town.  2010 here we come!

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  1. I love the idea of simplifying the home. When we moved a couple years back, we realized just how much stuff we didn't use. 2 years later and kiddo #2 we are back to clutter city (sister city of Crazy Town). I would like to try and do the same. Happy New Year!


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