Monday, January 04, 2010

I'm Done Being Sugar's Bitch

I dreamed of sugar last night.

Of cookies, cakes and frosting. 

There I was in the aisle at the grocery store looking for bread and all I could see was already opened packages of Oreos begging for me to take one.  No one would know...

Yellow cake, lovingly rolled and slathered with fluffy white frosting.  Cinnamon buns, hot, gooey and sweet. My mouth watered as my hand reached out to take just a tiny taste.  Just one bite of heaven on my tongue...

Suddenly, H appeared like an apparition and bellowed, "I thought you were getting bread!" I jumped, afraid I was found out.  "Curses! Foiled again!" I muttered under my breath.  Breath that contained no trace or morsel of sweet, sweet goodness.

Last week, for no particular reason, I got the brilliant idea that for the month of January I would cut out all alcohol and processed sugar.  I asked H to join me on this bandwagon and I even tweeted about it. Days later he added in no fast food or fried food to the list.  The exception would be if a clamcake crossed our paths. 

I did this once before back in October 2007.  I worked out five days a week for five weeks and eliminated processed foods, fried foods and sugar from my diet.  My post-TD body was back!  I felt like a new woman.  I felt fast, clean and like an efficient little energizer type animal.  That bunny is pink and trademarked so it won't be used here.  I want that feeling again.  I want it bad.  So do others apparently. 

You don't have to be in or out on this one.  You just have to put up with me waxing and waning about sugar for the next thirty days.  And beer.  Oh! And vodka.  Mm...delicious chilled vodka.  Bloody Mary's so tasty with pepper.  Mmmm....

Can you handle all that?

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  1. Anonymous9:26 AM

    I'm right there with you. Mine is more or less doctor induced, but I was going to do MOST of it on my own. It's just hard for the Irish girl in me to say "okay, whiskey... wine... I'll see you all later too." We can share our dreams of sweet sugary goodness with one another.



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