Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Paging Billy Blanks

Remember Tae-Bo? Billy Blanks sweaty, bald head bobbing and weaving as he "punched it out" via my VCR. Oh! Remember VCR's?

I digress.

I faithfully did Tae-Bo back when I was in college in hopes that I would build up some arm muscles. I no longer remember if I obtained those results. I think I only achieved those through Power Yoga a few years later.

I should probably break out those old tapes and find myself a VCR so I can try to brush up on "my moves" because today I will be taking my first boxing class. I recently won a free month at my local boxing gym and while I am a bit scared, it might be good for me. I can get out some of that holiday stress, work off that giant candy bar I ate yesterday and pretend that the punching bag is H's "holiday beard". Grrr... I hate that thing. It is as if we have added a fifth member of the family. I swear it is going to start talking one of these days. Every time it scratches me, I want to sedate H and shave it off. Preferably in a goofy pattern so that he will never grow it again.


  1. Anonymous11:57 AM

    SOOOO jealous!! I want to hit stuff!! Drew just bought me gloves and pads to hit because I've felt so....well, violent lately. I LOVE IT. When I feel stressed he puts the pads on his hands and I wail away. I'll take that over Calgon any day!!

  2. The idea of a holiday beard cracks me up. Too bad I'd have to start growing mine in July to have anything noticeable by December...

    After you get going, post how you like boxing classes - I've been wondering about them (or kickboxing).

  3. I've never done *real* boxing like that. But I took some Tae-Bo-esque classes at a gym in Grad School...taught by a flaming gay cutie who kept telling me to "just hit it, girl". It was FABulous!!


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