Tuesday, December 08, 2009

It's Just Sad

Blatantly stealing from Jodifur's post today because I can't crawl out from under my own conundrums here is what is "Crazy Sad".

- I asked for a Polder meat thermometer for Christmas. I would rather it not be a gift but since I can't cook a chicken to save my life, I might actually need this thing.

- Asking for a meat thermometer makes me feel like I'm 87 and should be named Pearl. I think patent leather box-shaped handbags are all the rage.  My best friend's name is Madge and she smokes Salems.  My 14 cats hate her and our long games of Canasta.

- I can't for the life of me think of what to buy a one year-old at Christmas.  Still I would feel just awful if years from now she didn't see any photos of her unwrapping a present, just photos of her eating the wrapping paper.  Hm.. I think I see a roll of green colored paper under the tree for her.  Sweet! That stuff is wicked cheap!

At least I solved one problem for the day. 


  1. I asked for a meat thermometer for Christmas a couple years ago, and amazingly my family actually came through for me (they never get what I ask for because it's always weird stuff. Like the dry shampoo last year.)

    I'd get The Comedian a new outfit and a book. She won't care what she opens and TD won't want to play with her sister's stuff if it's lame ;)

  2. I can relate. I also had no idea what to buy for your one year old for Christmas. I gave it my best shot!

    Love the rest of your post, Pearl. I'm always asking for old lady domestic stuff these days and it depresses me.

  3. you can steal from me anytime!


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