Monday, October 05, 2009

Traveling my Childhood Fantasties

Oh, if only I could uncover the photograph taken of me from Christmas 1985. You would see a pink-sponge curler topped Vicky in a lilac bathrobe clutching a giant tome of a book about the size of my torso while a face-cracking smile threatens to bust through the photograph.

For weeks I would drag my mother to the book store so I could gaze longingly at Robert Ballard's book, The Discovery of the Titanic, in all it's full color glory. Filled with beautiful illustrations, actual photographs from the deep sea wreck as well as those from it's maiden voyage, this book was all I wanted for Christmas. I memorized it before I even owned it.

Before it was in print I had watched television specials, read articles and checked out every book about the Titanic from my local library. I was a kid obsessed. The story of its passengers, crew and creation riveted me and it still does today.

Then thanks to Twitter and Meagan Francis I learned about THIS!

Is it too morbid?

Would you do it?

I'm deathly afraid of cruise ships (gee, I wonder why.) but I think I might hyperventilate, in a good way, just from reading the website. The whole excursion** sounds like a major historical geek-fest that might actual border on art. Unless of course somehow a bit DiCaprio is thrown in, which would force me to abandon ship. No pun intended.

I think I might start swooning at any moment. Quick! Get me the Draper's fainting couch!

*Don't get your panties in a wad H. The trip isn't until 2012. I'm not leaving you again. Heh.
**Will book now for review or if a generous company wants to let me live out a childhood dream. Yes, I'm serious. I never kid about the Titanic.

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  1. Morbid? Maybe a little. But yeah...I totally think you should do it anyway. I mean this is a childhood dream we're talking about!


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