Friday, October 09, 2009

I Will Not Be Winning Any Grill-Offs Any Time Soon

Do you smell that? It smells like something is burning.

Oh, right! It's my hair!

Last night I was making grilled chicken sandwiches for dinner and I did what I always do when I light the grill. Except this time a massive fireball erupted from it and suddenly I was yelling, "Oh! Oh! My hair is on fire!" No one seemed to notice. They were all playing inside with my mother.

I grabbed for my hair on the right side of my head and a handful of shriveled, charred hair bits fell off in a clump in my hand. Sick. Heart-breaking, actually. I've been trying for so long to go without highlighting or cutting it. Well, now it certainly needs to be cut but how I don't know. My four inch roots will have to stay. No one is going to highlight or lowlight broken, burnt crispies that used to be hair.

Later, as I was getting ready for girls night I realized that I also burnt off half my eyelashes on one eye, my right eyebrow and a good deal of the hair on my right wrist. The stench of burnt hair stayed with me all evening. When I asked H to "touch it! just touch it!" He said, "Um. It doesn't feel any different to me." Thanks, big guy.

Truthfully, it could have been so much worse. I didn't even get a hint of a red, burning blush to my skin. I could have charred half my face or arm. If I was wearing long sleeves it could have been an 911 nightmare. Also? Never light a grill that has had its lid closed. Yup. I did that. Lessons learned. I created that gas pocket all by myself and didn't even realize it. Now I get to walk around with my grilling dunce cap on for quite some time. Or at least until half my hair grows back out.


  1. And where's the picture? *laugh*

  2. Thanks for your story. It really brings home the idea of how much women sacrifice for their families. It was the perfect allegory for what women consider to be a priority after they have children. Your tale was charming and telling and definately one other women can relate to.

  3. Yikes! This sounds like something I'd do. Hope all is well.

    Following you from MBC.

  4. adrian1:08 PM

    Sorry to hear about it. We all know it is just hair, but as women we also all know how important it is to how we feel. Especially b/c it is something we see everytime we look in the mirror as a reminder. Sounds like an awful experience. Glad to hear at least your skin was not effected.

  5. Thank goodness it wasn't any worse!

  6. Oh. Mah. Gawd. VICKY!!!!

    So glad you're okay...just..mostly...cosmetically effected. How scary!

  7. Oh no! That totally sucks but as Stephanie said, at least it wasn't worse and the hair will grow out...Eventually!


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