Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ten Months

In hindsight we probably should have just called you, Bluto. Not The Comedian. Yes, you love to laugh at completely inappropriate times and forever have a smile on your face but in the last few months you appear to be more like the Bluto character from Animal House.

You steal people's drinks and act like it's just part of your charm. You are an eating machine. You often palm a bottle and chug it so fast that we can hear the air being sucked out from a few rooms away. You cruise around for any scrap of food or debris and are always up for a good food fight.

Bah keep! I'd like anotha!

My hair is stylin'. I fall a lot. Don't be judgin'.

You've already mastered the one raised eyebrow stare. I kid you not.

I'm talking about Empathy and slapping other people's kids at Honest Baby and about being Nickled and Dimed with "Are you there Congress? It's me the Middle Class" at DC Metro Moms.

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  1. Savannah inherited my raised eyebrow stare as well. I am forever pleased with this ;)


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