Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Overheards- I am the Dog

Scene: The dinner table.

Me: "Ooh, Comedian you look so much like your Daddy!"

TD: "I look like my Daddy too! And you (pointing at me with her little plastic fork with much conviction), you look like the dog!"

H doesn't even try to stifle a laugh.

So what, this means I look like some white-muzzled, crotchety old Boston Terrier? That's just great.

Later that night H cannot resist petting me and saying, "Good dog, Vicky. Good dog." (Insert snickering from H here.) When I tell him I'm going to kick his teeth in he simply replies, "Nice doggie. Be a good dog." It continues like this for ten more minutes complete with jokes about no treats and being put in my cage for not listening.

And I wonder why I am having an identity crises.

The whole time this was happening all I could think of was this scene from 'When Harry Met Sally.'

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