Friday, July 31, 2009

Good Bloggy Karma

It's Friday. I'm a bit burnt out. My lack of gym time this week and the sudden influx of mucus and other icky sickness in my house is making me lazy in body and mind.

I'm done writing about blogher. I cannot bear to weigh in on world affairs or the recession. I don't feel like going on all green or soap boxy on you all today either. To think you all want to hear about how much puke I cleaned up yesterday would be delusional. TD tied a belt around The Comedian yesterday and tried to lead her around like a dog. It was hilarious and I got it on video but do you really want to see that? Good. Because I'm too lazy load up the video.

Instead I'm going to give some bloggy love. I met these wonderful writers last week in Chicago and I just need to share. Good blogging karma let your love flow~

KnottyYarn- Danielle was a speaker at Blogher and she made me almost liz myself. The rest of her blog is equally hilarious. Check out her reading here. You just might liz yourself too.

Halushki- I had dinner with Jozet on Saturday and found her smart, inspiring and a great source of advice. She's also one hell of a door bitch, black sparkly hat and all.

Dooblevhay- I heard her speak and it went right to my heart. I rarely do this but I met her later at a party and I had to give her a hug (I know!) and squeal with joy at how happy I was to meet her. Her writing is poetic and just beautiful. I cannot even do it justice with my own pithy words.

ChickyChickyBaby- She is totally going to think I'm a crazed stalker now but this was our second meeting and we spent quite a bit of time together this blogher. At one point we New Englandah's both tried on our best "Southie" accents and cracked ourselves up. We were wicked awesome.

Now go forth, read. Enjoy.


  1. I can't wait to read them. By the way, do you write about mummies?

  2. I'll check them out again once everyone has gotten BlogHer out of their systems. :)

  3. DARLING-you are so lovely an wonderful and i so appreciate you and meeting you. thanks babe. off to subscribe to you now. xoxoxoo

  4. Thanks for the new blogsto check out!!! So sorry about the sickies... YUCK!!

  5. You have forever earned a place in my heart for using the term "liz". I'm lizzing, I truly am.

    I can't wait to read more of your site - you are so charming and funny!


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