Thursday, July 30, 2009

Maybe I'm Amazed or Just a Rabid Fan

Saturday I'll be checking off a box on my '100 Things to Do Before I Die' list. So I don't actually have a list filled out, it's all in my head but I'm keeping tabs on it. The 'See Madonna' box has already been checked. 'Visit Paris' is filled too. 'See Paul McCartney in Concert' is next.

I can hardly wait. The fact that my seats don't suck also makes me want to do a little jig each time I think about it. I almost wish I could start camping out in the parking lot of Fed Ex field right now.

I fully admit my taste in music runs the gamut of typical to "Seriously? You like that?" I love Disco more than most. Funk and Rap factor in high as well. My iPod is actually engraved with the words, "Don't Fake the Funk". McCartney though has always been a tried and true favorite. He was my favorite Beatle when I would listen to him in the car with my Mom (an original fan.) and then I stumbled upon a Pay-Per-View concert of him in 1993 that just sucked me into full fan-grrrl insanity.

The tape, yes, tape 'Off the Ground' debuted at the same time. I saw the video for 'C'mon People' while in Quebec on their very own Musique Plus network. I'm guessing that is Canada's version of MTV? I found myself jumping on my bed to the video and it was at that moment that McCartney's music came full circle in our house. My teen self was now mirroring my mother's youth. 'Off the Ground' played in my car, on my double cassette player and on my Walkman. Man, I'm old. It was like air for me and the songs on that tape offered me a glimmer of hope and a sense of positivity that I was desperately lacking at that time in my life.

Things were bad then and I was living a rather bleak existence that I couldn't even articulate. I dreamed of falling off the roof of my house more times than I should probably admit. When I thought about how maybe I would just be badly injured I just stuffed all the anger inside a deep pit within myself and let it swirl around creating a black murky mess to be dealt with at a later time.

Like a cliche though music was a savior that held me together and for some reason Paul McCartney became the man. Wings was heavy in rotation on the satellite radio station where I worked. The first CD I ever purchased was 'Paul McCartney- All the Best'. I couldn't get enough. 'Maybe I'm Amazed' is a like a balm on my soul every time I hear it. His songs have actually made me weep in the middle of a crowded diner. For a person who has a hard time hugging family that is pretty intense. Over fifteen years later I'm still a rather rabid fan despite the mess that was 'Flaming Pie'.

Did I say I cannot wait for Saturday night already? I might puke from the excitement.


  1. Can't say I get the object, but I get the obsession. Have fun and scream like a twelve year old!!

  2. Have fun!

    Was that our Quebec trip? I vaguely remember Musique Plus from somewhere.

  3. Have fun! I just drove by the stadium in Ames, where I saw his concert *ages* ago. Hadn't been there since. (Went through Ames on the way to BlogHer.) Love him.

  4. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Have a great time!

  5. So how was the concert? Did you have a fabulous time?

  6. Paul McCartney=AWESOME. Best concert EVER. I will see him again and again if my wallet can afford it.

  7. Anonymous3:05 PM

    Ok so this comment is a little late, but oooohhhh so jealous! I tried winning tickets on the radio for 3 weeks (thinking of you oddly enough too while trying to win and wondering if you were going!) I couldn't afford to buy them. And he was at Fenway!! Damn! Hope you enjoyed it and hope he comes back soon, next time I won't care, I will have the lights shut off if I have too, cause God only knows! LOL! -Mars


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