Monday, May 04, 2009

Rednecks vs. White Trash?

The other night while awaiting the opening act at the DC Improv H and I got into the discussion, "Is there a difference between being a Redneck and being White Trash?"

Initially, I thought no. I'm a Yankee with a side of WASP thrown in for good measure so what do I know? I don't talk through my jaw or anything but I've been known to get all in your face in the nicest most conflict-free, passive aggressive way about manners, the importance of thank you notes and general day to day etiquette.

H, who admits to having a nice chunk of Redneck in him (the man cleaned his shot gun twice this week.) says White Trash can technically be anywhere location-wise (W.T. goes global!) but Rednecks are typically a southern only thing. White Trash constitutes a lack of manners and is prone to fighting. So wait, what was the movie Road House about then?

So you tell me? Are all Rednecks about Nascar, gun racks and hunting? Does all White Trash live in trailers like we often hear in jokes? Am I perpetuating a stereotype and really pissing you off?

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  1. As a born and raised Southern girl, there is a HUGE difference between rednecks and white trash. For one thing, trash is trash...doesn't matter the color. So I personally hate the term "white trash". It's a throwback to the days of the KKK, when a white person was considered trash if they associated with blacks.

    As for rednecks, they're not all into Nascar, gun racks, and hunting. But they are good people. If I had choose one "type" of people to surround myself with for the rest of my days, it would be rednecks. You always know where you stand with them...they're loyal and protective of those they consider their own, very down to earth, family-oriented, and love good food. :-)

    But as for ya'll Damn Yankees? Ya'll all are the same :-p

  2. I think of Redneck as more of a hick (although a hick who can live anywhere in the country, not just the south); a lover of hunting, fishing, guns, big trucks, and country music.

    When I think of white trash, I think trailer park, Corona, Bon Jovi, Rock of Love (Brett and his skanky entourage).

    I think a love for Nascar is shared by rednecks and white trash.

    Not at all offended. Joel and I have had this conversation as well. And his love for fighting and UFC?? Quite redneck in my opinion. :)

  3. Remind me again why The Hubz and I don't spend more time with you and H (the shotgun-cleaning comment).

    I think I married a redneck, although he doesn't do Nascar or have a gun rack.

    And, I'm loath to admit it, but I helped him cut up some venison last week and it was GROSS and I was off meat for a few days (and still get a little queasy thinking about it now).

    Do I now have to start singing Gretchen Wilson? Ugh, no thanks.


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