Sunday, April 12, 2009

Lessons in Working Mother Travel

You know it is just so awesome when you hear the words, "We're going to need to do a bag check..." and you know that bag is yours. That bag that will soon be pawed through contains only two things- work clothes and your breast pump.

Ooh, that scary black bag within a bag. Dun, da, da, dun dun.

When the tech asked, "Ma'am is there anything in this bag that is sharp and could attack me?" Umm... you mean like a cougar? No. I really wanted to say, "No, sir! Just watch out for yer teets! There's some major suction in them there breastsheilds, they might just suck yer fingers clear to the bone."

Note to self: Next time don't pack your panties in the breast pump storage space. Saving space isn't as important as keeping airport security from de-sterilizing all your gear and touching your unmentionables.

I'm giving away a Robbert Bobbert CD and a Gazillion Bubble Machine at MPR this week!


  1. I wish you'd have said that. That's what they DESERVE.

  2. OMG, I am laughing so hard!!


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