Friday, April 17, 2009

The Comedian

So, what is up with you acting like a five day old Wolverine baby? All gnashing gums and razor fingers ripping at my decolletage. You find it all highly and sickly amusing. Are you illin' or just up to your usual tricks?

Internets, I would like to introduce you to The Comedian. Formerly known as Dash Two this little bundle of non-stop giggles has shown us she has quite a sadistic *cough* er interesting sense of humor.

Exhibit A:

Me: Gaah!! Must nurse! Let's go Dash Two - feed!

Dash Two nurses for 2 seconds, breaks off, looks up at me and smiles. Then laughs. She repeats this painful little move about nine more times. TD finds it all very hysterical. Me? Not so much.

Exhibit B:

Dash Two wakes up and I pick her up. She stinks. As I begin to change her my finger lands in something extremely unpleasant. Eating solid foods... is awesome. Blech. I let out an early morning, "Mother F*cker!" Dash Two laughs hysterically at the fact that I just stuck my hand in her own poop. Either that or she is on her way to becoming the newest George Carlin.

New & Notes:

Check out my latest book review on Amy Dickinson's new book, The Mighty Queens of Freeville at MPR.

I'm up over at 23andMe today discussing Pytalism and more. Come on! You know you want to know what Pytalism is! "Speaking of Spitting-
I first knew I was pregnant with my eldest daughter when I found I had the uncontrollable urge to spit all the time. Suddenly the taste of my own saliva was too much to bear."

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