Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The Biggest Weakling


I would not say I was over confident by any means. I finally finished Level 1 of the 30 Day Shred yesterday and I knew if I was going to make any more progress I was going to just have to jump into Level 2 today.

Then there was that tax email from H that had loads of questions that were just burning to be answered. Being the dutiful partner that I am I got right to it. Not that I was putting off shredding or anything. *cough*

First, let me just say that Level 2 has music that sounds like a bad 70s porno full of "wang, wang, wang" sounds. Intentional? Perhaps. Second, Level 2 is like entering the fifth ring of hell with all its plank positions and major ab work. There are teeny tiny muscles in my shoulders that thought they could quietly atrophy into themselves but Jillian called them out and made them her prisoner. I think they are begging for some solitary confinement right about now. Forever.

At the end when Jillian gets all cheerleadery on my butt (girl is never going to win a spirit stick I can assure you of that.) I was just shaking my head in shame. I am not amazing, Jillian. What was just done in my den was definitely not amazing. It was a woman sweating, grunting and crying and she wasn't even in labor. Just feeling like the biggest weakling.

Note to Self: Shower. You stink.

Second Note to Self: If you value the muscles in your chest in any way and want them to keep those breasts perky you might want to consider feeding the wee babe of yours before attempting to jump rope again. Just a thought.

I'm up at Honest Baby again this week, Tips from the Non Recessionista and Skin Color According to a Preschooler.

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  1. Poor Wayne has been grunting and making the most God-awful noises when he shreds too. He did day three yesterday. Poor guy. When did you decide to go up to level 2?


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