Monday, March 23, 2009

Month Four a.k.a. I should be quarantined

Here we are in the thick of month four. Just when I thought we were getting the hang of this whole, "Holy Schnikes! We've got two kids! Batten down the hatches! The house is going to explode with diapers and tiny plastic toys!!" thing I go and get strep throat. Uh, yeah.

There's that pesky thing they tell you about when you are post partum. Get sleep. Lack of sleep can put you over the edge and land you in the arid world (complete with sandworms!) of post partum depression. Ha! Thanks for that insight doc! By the way you got a kid in preschool, the whole climate change thing (frost! no frost! shorts today. wool beanies tomorrow.), plus you are breast-feeding? Well then, pack it in lady because you are as good as having the Black Death for the next few months. Did we mention that being chronically/cyclically ill can contribute to depression as well. Fun times, people. Fun times.

Most days I'm good. I'm sniveling away with my post-nasal drip but I'm plowing through life on a Celexa-induced tractor. I've been able to get a grip on things in the last few months and I swear if I could just get over being continuously sick life would be a whole lot easier. I'm trying to take comfort in things like Dash Two sleeping through the night, the fact that she is indeed an easy baby and spring is officially on its way. It is not easy though. While round two with the dreaded PPD is not over it is definitely done roaring like March's lion and acting more like a lamb.

I'm done punning it up, using metaphors and all that. Here's some bloggy love- Miss Banshee. Read her if you haven't already.

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