Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Walls. They are Closing in on Me.

Who knew that birthday gift aftermath is just like Christmas gift aftermath. Our living room is a sea of ridiculously bright wrapping paper, twisty ties and various sizes of plastic and cardboard. Just seeing it this morning made me want to turn around and go back upstairs to hide under the covers. Both kids need a bath today and I'm exhausted just thinking about it. I feel old.

Throw in the fact that H is going to a networking happy hour tonight and will be home late and I just want to start imbibing the happy juice myself all before 10 a.m. I think that the fact that I know I won't be getting my weekly dose of girls night this week is making me a bit loopy. I've been asked to "take some time off from that for a while". My weekly dose of girl time/adult interaction/conversations that are not interrupted is gone. Just thinking about makes me wish for a sound proof room for me to go into so I can scream for a good ten minutes. Or just walk out the door with only my purse.

Let me ask you something Internets- How much time do you need to yourself in a week? Here I am just having written a piece about women not being angry and taking the time they need for themselves and I'm not able to do that for myself. Oh the irony.


  1. Hey there. Um, time to myself...I'd say I need about an hour a day to dumb around by myself or I start to get all martyry. So per week that's almost a full workday. Sometimes it happens, sometimes the baby is performing his insomniac dance or the husband is clingy and it doesn't happen. I like to be alone, so if I had it my way it'd be 2-3 hours every day.

    Sleeping doesn't count.

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  3. Oh-oh. Being a mum in waiting, this is one of the things that scare me most. Not having time for yourself. At the moment, I try to pack in as much pampering and girls-only stuff as possible. As if I could stock up (one can live on some nice memories for a while, can't I?).
    For the future, I hope I will be able to take your advice to heart and 'just' take the time I need. And hopefully not feel bad about it.

  4. Ooh, this is a toughie for me. As an only child, I have a real need for alone time. I least a few hours a week MINIMUM. Wayne used to give me one day a week...then half a day a I basically take what I can get here and there, until I reach my boiling point. Then I throw a hissy fit and get an afternoon or something :-)

  5. I crave alone time and don't think I'm getting enough to sustain me these days. That being said, I'm not sure exactly how much I'd need to get me to a truly happy place. Maybe two to three hours per day on average? Right now I am lucky if I get one hour per day...fortunately The Husband knows that I function much better when I do get some time alone, so he tries very hard to carve it out for me.


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