Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Random Questions #127

I feel like one lazy S.O.B today. This cold (numbre trois, I think) is totally kickin' my slowly pilatisizing butt again this week. Seriously, if I can't get some solid sleep soon I think I'm destined to be in my late 30's and still walking around with post-nasal drip and a swollen glands. I'm a petri dish in leggings.

So I give you all sorts of random today.

If Stouffer's is just getting around to making it's lasagna "now with real ingredients" what was in it before?

a. Battery acid
b. Flobee trimmings
c. reconstituted cheese and meat with space technology like the astronauts used tomato sauce.


d. You supply your answer!

I leave you with Mixin' don't cryp.

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