Thursday, January 29, 2009

Side Effects

The other day I was reading the fine print of side effects on this new "happy" pill I'm supposed to be taking for all this Postpartum junk.

-May cause vomiting that looks like coffee grounds. Awesome! So even if I am not drinking the java it will look like I am! Yippiee!

-May cause sleeplessness. A few side effects down it says. May also cause yawning. Gee, ya think? And yes, it does. Just what the PPD lady needs. More sleeplessness. They should just add 'and increased irritability.'

On a bottle of natural teething tablets I found the warning:

- Consult your physician before taking if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Um.. how many of you out there are still teething or have a secret addiction to all natural teething tablets? Yeah? That many of you. Wow. You should really form a support group or something.

Check out the latest episode of 'Exposed Brick' here. Episode three 'Shakespeare is Obnoxious' is the best so far!


  1. Yay! Bob the Bunny is a star!

  2. Umm...vomit that looks like coffee grounds means you're vomiting blood. That's definitely something worrisome!

    It sucks that all these things that make us better mentally have such crappy physical side effects.

    Then again, I lost weight when I was on my depression meds, and gained it when I went off. Hmm.


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