Friday, January 30, 2009


The sun is out today and I feel like things might be a bit brighter. It doesn't feel like I'm going to break my face if I smile. Yesterday, I only felt like crying maybe three times instead of thirty. One of those three times? I couldn't get my health insurance's website provider section to actually provide me with a therapist and that just seemed like a sick joke.

I *might* not have a headache today unless that Irish jig music on the sweetpeace continues at such a loud volume. TD cannot seem to get enough of galloping around the house with a broom as her horse and a glittery purple bowler hat to that music. It's maddening. And ridiculously cute. And then maddening again.

It seems I have joined a book club too. How in the holy hell did that happen? Do I even have room for that? Considering the fact that I read about eleventy hundred books a month I am quite sure I can squeeze in another but do I want to? Do I want to read something that someone else with entirely different taste from me picked out? Do I want to expand my brain in that way? Can I be that generous? Will there be wine and cheese when we discuss these books? That might just persuade me. I've never been much of a structured activity girl myself but throw some fermented food and drink into the equation and you just might sucker me into it. Then again, my sadistic instigating side (you know about 75% of me) wants to find some truly awful book and make everyone read it. Heh. Insert evil Grinch-like smile here.

The sheer fact that I'm even feeling like instigating anything is putting a positive spin on the whole weekend. That and I feel like scrubbing my toilets again. The fog has slightly lifted. For today at least.

Check out my Elizabeth Pantley book review here. I gave it five stars.


  1. Yay for lifting fog!!!

    I tried book clubs. I just can't read a book I'm not into, no matter what is promised to me in the form of food and drink. I just can't do it. I despise the whole structured activities thing too. Bah.

  2. Haha, I felt the same way about the book club! It'll be interesting to read some of the choices. I'm a pretty picky reader so we'll see! I think when it's my turn we're going to read the Pluto book. The author is hilarious. Hope your day stayed sunny.

  3. Hooray for the sunny day and all the sunshine it brings.

    I have been a part of two book clubs, one of which was filled with idiots who had NO CONCEPT of what the book was really about and took everything at face value (imbeciles!) and then my wonderful San Diego book club that I only had the opportunity to partipate with once but that is held monthly at a wine and cheese shop that is the perfect backdrop for intelligent conversation. Hopefully you get the latter of these two things and not the "library book club" that I frequented in the past. I shudder at the thought...and there were baked goods. Poorly baked goods.

  4. Provider networks are a joke. Call the insurance company, maybe they forgot to post, oh, like 100 therapists that are in your area.

  5. I actually had to start one in my capacity as some sort of activities director for professional grown ups who can't plan activities for themselves. It's excruciating. On one hand the wine helps pass the time, but on the other I know it's also going to help me say something totally inappropriate one day soon.

    It's not the structured activity so much as the stupid books and pseudo-intellectual discussion about them. I feel so phoney.


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