Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Paging Gordon Gekko

Apparently the people over at Modern Alchemy and Bloomingdales did not get the message about the global recession. Nope, just in time for the holidays they have introduced their Seven Deadly Sins candles.

Who doesn't want the oh-so-necessary Pride and Gluttony candle to adorn their soon-to-be foreclosed on mantle? You can light up that Envy candle as you watch your neighbors without the sub-prime mortgage stay toasty warm this holiday season too. Perhaps you can be a touch evil and give that Envy candle as a not so subtle gift to those who can't even afford food and are going to be going to the under-stocked food pantries this winter. Ooh watch out for that Wrath candle when it gets hurled at your head because someone just realized that your dumb ass just spent $45 on each of these inane candles.

Seriously folks? Who buys this shit?

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