Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The tree is up. Half the lights don't work this year so decorations are being put off for a bit. If I have to say, "No! Don't touch that!" one more time I might go insane. I think the Grinch has visited me this year in the form of sleep deprivation.

I almost committed 'cellular homicide' this morning. Meaning, H kept hitting the snooze button on his cell phone's alarm and I was mere seconds from grabbing it and smashing it into electronic bits. After being up every two hours all night and having only one more hour of sleep before TD woke up with her million question quota to fulfill I was not about to lose one precious second of sleep.

All I want to consume is an obscene amount of chocolate and coffee. And maybe some marshmallows covered in salty caramel (William Sonoma is the devil and if you buy these for me this holiday season I promise to love you forever). If I could live in a Starbucks right about now just sniffing the caffeinated air I would be in a state of bliss not to be believed.

I just finished my first jaunt into the 'Twilight' series hemisphere and I find Bella to be ridiculously annoying. Is it just me or does she complain a bit too much? I can see the appeal of these books but at the same time I'm not diggin' the whole non-real vampire thing/Edward as a bad boy scenario. It's like my Dad always says, "If you say your are crazy, then you're not. If you think you are sane. Well, you're probably a freakin' psycho." So Edward? You sir, are no bad boy. I'm just sayin...

I found Sweetney/Mamapop's piece on extra theatrical trailers for the film to be spot on.

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  1. OMGosh, I'm spending all day saying "NO TOUCH THE TREE!". Ugh.

    Had the snooze issue this week too. Wayne woke up one morning and forgot how to turn off the stupid alarm. It's one that has an extra button you can hit for those "soothing sleep sounds". So not only was the obnoxious alarm going off at 3:30 AM, but we had ocean waves as well. Nice.

    Haven't read Twilight yet. I asked my daughter if I could borrow her copy...we'll see. It doesn't seem like my kind of book though.


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