Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christmas Came Early

Santa came to our house early this year. He brought three things with him. All for me.

1. Ankles! Folks, I can see my ankles and there are bones in them! No more puffy feet either. I have huge feet but I love them and my bony ankles and I'm so happy to have them back!!

2. A new couch. Words cannot express how much I love this microfiber, eco-friendly stain resistant object. It's contemporary, new and yet to be touched by dog butt or toddler hands. Oh yeah, that's because it won't be delivered until Friday.

3. PANTS! Glorious pants! My post-TD pants were lost but now found along with a slew of others from last year. While they don't all fit- the bigger ones do and they are not maternity pants! I tried on a few pairs this morning and voila! They fit! I screamed, "This is the best day ever!" quite a few times and pranced around in non-elastic waist glory. Whoo hoo!!

Now if only I could get those pesky hospital bills paid for by Santa I would be overjoyed. However, I think the absence of cankles, a new couch and PANTS! Glorious PANTS! is enough.

Also, a big THANK YOU to Lattes and Life for sending me this award. Pass it on to those you know and sorry for taking so long for me to say thanks. It's been a bit of a quagmire over here the last month or so.

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