Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Scene: The dinner table. Ah, dinner time. The place where we have so many stimulating conversations these days. You know, world events, class structure, the economy and shopping apparently.

TD: You pooped in your pants. You pooped in your pants at the couch store!

Me: What?! Are you talking to me?

TD: "YES! Mommy pooped in her pants at the couch store!" She cackles with laughter and almost falls out of her chair.

H looks at me as if he really has to inquire if this happened or not. Pregnancy may have made things in the urinary department less than stellar for now, but umm.. there is no pooping in the pants. The subject of poop is quite hilarious to TD these days. All you have to do is say the word and you are George Carlin, Seinfeld and more to her.

On a more serious note, read my latest over at DC Metro Moms, "Adam Walsh and Me."

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