Thursday, November 06, 2008

Basic Emotions 101

Anger- The overwhelming feeling I had when I heard that the totally less than dynamic duo Speidi might be doing a cameo on one of my favorite shows, 'How I Met Your Mother'. AUGH! That banging sound is none other than Neil Patrick Harris slamming his head repeatedly against a sound stage wall as he watches his show succumb to total crapdom. I might have to just stop watching. Are they trying to take over the world (no shame! they have no shame in these photos!) one tiny step at a time or what? I thought the music videos were torture enough.

Joy- I'm gettin' paaaiid! Seems after some help from a blogging friend and a bit of nutting up on my part, the company I was working with has decided to send their final check for services rendered-at last. Sweet Victory is mine! Well, it will be when I cash that sucker.

Sad- OK, maybe sad is a bit of a reach but a bit of disappointment could be more the truth when I heard that Deanna and Jesse of last season's Bachelorette have decided to call it quits. Rumor has it, spilled by the shows host Chris Harrison, that Deanna wants fame and fortune Hollywood style and dumped snowboarding Jesse as if he was yellow snow. Yeah, I just said that.

Happy- A simple list for you all since I don't do ditty's.

Obama is the new Reagan? Fascinating take. Maybe it's just me?

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and I'm not cooking! I'm ordering in! Whoo hoo!

All the well wishes, the 'hang in there' comments and friends who have emailed or called to offer help and/or support as I become so incredibly, mind-numbingly boring with this pregnancy and myself. Tedious takes on a whole new meaning at this point. THANK YOU! It means more than I can adequately express. If I liked hugging, I would hug you.

Dance marathons in my house. H & TD seem to be extending the Saturday Night Fever thing to weeknights and have taken to doing everything from slam dancing, hand jiving to re-enacting the Thriller video in the living room on various occasions. I really need to break out the video camera next time.


  1. You are hilarious. I'll I did was kvetch with you on the woes of freelance consulting. It was all you baby, you're the big time blog queen! (And ma petit itty bitty, the big time nomination was all about popularity and had nothing to do with belly size.)

  2. Yeah for getting paid - you go girl!

    Ugh - hope HIMYM does not let Speidi scum on the show.

    Is stress a basic emotion? Have to add that to my list. Found out we're hosting Thanksgiving this year...might have to look into the Wegmans option too.


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