Wednesday, November 05, 2008

How to Beg a Midwife for an Induction

And completely fail.

Apparently, unbeknown to moi, you can't be induced until about 39 weeks. I would like to know what all this talk about me going in at 38 weeks was then. To say that I'm pissy today is an understatement. According to the midwife I seem, "a bit depressed." I think angry is more the demonic emotion I'm looking for. No matter what I said it was chalked up to depression and I was given new pre-natals with DHA in them, which supposedly help combat depression. Seriously. NOW?! WTF.

Then she told me to take a ton of evening primrose oil (I think - BUNK! Total BUNK!) and have a lot of sex. Like every day. Because yeah, my swollen self with it's half numb legs and cankles really wants to have super uncomfortable sex which only brings on contractions that make me cry. When I told her that she smiled and said, "That's the point." Is the point that this has been happening since the beginning of the second trimester, lady?! No. I didn't think so.

Alrighty then.

Maybe I am depressed. I'm sick of the stress and doctors appointments. I have four alone next week. I'm sick of finding childcare for TD for all of these appointments because bringing her along is either a.) not allowed or b.) wildly inconvenient. I'm sick of getting 4-5 hours of crap sleep a night and not wanting to eat anything but donuts and melted, salty cheese. Really. That is ALL I want to eat. I'm sick of the swelling, the seeing spots, the EVERYTHING.

Every time I think of all this stuff I start to cry. And I'm forced to almost EVERY DAMN DAY at each doctor appointment. I just want a break from it already! If someone can come over and be a surrogate for the day Saturday I'll gladly pay you in half a bag of Halloween candy, tons of weird products I got for free and a hug. OK, make that two hugs. H would probably hug you too since he's sick to death of this whole totally un-fun circus type ride.

At least my hair looks nice. I got it cut on Saturday and it looks pretty fab if I do say so myself.

Then, to top that off, we as a country made history yesterday. History, that I am so proud to say I was a part of and could share with my fellow Americans. It's like Christmas and new snow all at once. It's amazing, people! Simply amazing! I think this blogger said it quite well and reacted in the same way I did. I just keep shedding tears of joy over how momentous this election was and is.


  1. Anonymous3:27 PM

    As much as I would love to take the burden off of you, I can't, sorry sweety!! You can try the old castor oil trick, but I really don't recommend that! You can also try playing with your nipples, they say that helps, but then again, not really sure if it does. I feel for you sweetheart! Good luck, you are in my prayers and thoughts each day!

  2. Thank you for the link!! I'm sorry you can't bask in the glory of today, since you're feeling so crappy. You already know all the old wive's tricks, I'm I won't elaborate. Just hang in there. I know it's awful. I think the 39-week rule is so silly anyway, because're full term (on the early side) at 38 weeks, if you really look at a woman's cycle and how pregnancy is calculated. But I guess they all have malpractice woes driving that blanket decision. The reasons I got my C-Section at 38 weeks was due to high BP that was only staying low on bed rest, and I lived over two hours away from my OB. So he was worried I'd have problems if I went home. I don't advocate going that route though!! Soon, V, soon. You're almost there!!!

  3. I think The Hubz is riding on Saturday, so I should be able to come by and keep TD out of your hair for a little while.


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