Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's Preschools Fault If My Water Breaks Today

Howdy Folks!

It seems to be that time right about now. The point in our program where I begin that final countdown (Aztec Tomb, anyone?). Today, hits the 'ONE MONTH TO GO' mark. Can you feel my excitement? Or is that just the pain I've recently inflicted on you with the purple nurples and kicks to the groin (or sappy posts) I feel like giving everyone so they can know my pain too. I am a real ball of joy right now let me tell you.

Nope. There is nothing like waking up late on field trip day and having a deadline all while trying to pack snacks, get a toddler to make up her mind about breakfast then stick to her plan of eating it, while trying to shower and not curse the weather AGAIN today. Seriously, WHERE THE F is Fall? I want my sweaters and no more 80 degree days! I want to keep from swelling like the Macy's Day balloon I already feel like. It would be so nice if my nose returned to its normal size.... I know, I know, only four weeks to go (we think).

I'm off to go on a hayride and lug pumpkins around a field today. Yeah, that's right. You heard me correctly. A hay ride. And heavy pumpkins. It's like I want this kid to come out or something.


  1. Well, it sounds like a fun field trip anyway :-) Good photo ops and all. Sorry you're feeling crappy. The last month is torture. And we're super hot down here too. Like I told you, my AC hasn't been off yet this Fall.

    At least you're done with morning sickness, right? :-)

  2. you should totally paint your belly like a jackolantern. Or dress up like a nun for Halloween. My friend did it. It was funny. Except for the Catholics. Well some of them thought it was funny. OK, nevermind.

  3. Anonymous3:06 PM

    Have you had the baby today??

    Hope the field trip was fun, at least. And yeah. This weather is old. Let the cooler temps come and stay!


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