Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Damn, He's Good.

He takes her out to play while I make dinner.

He gets up in the middle of the night when I am usually the one on first alert. He soothes her potty/bathroom light fears and puts her back in bed with a tenderness I do not posses at that hour.

He reads her bedtime stories. Let's her ride her bike in the house.

He tells me I'm still his HW (Hot Wife) even with 10 years, two pregnancies and a very uncomfortable, cursing like a pirate, whining like a two year-old third trimester with me.

The man is willing to trim "down there" since I can no longer see it. Or paint his own toe nails with me during a pedicure. Salt scrub included.

He folds laundry. Takes out the trash. Does the dreaded commute daily and sometimes more so we don't have to.

He doesn't grumble over my weekly girls nights unless I come home "too early". He believes that allowing me to take time for myself be it a pedicure, hair cut or gym time is actually useful and beneficial for the whole family.

He goes out for milkshakes at 9 p.m. and doesn't complain.

He's H. My husband. And sometimes I just have to call him out on his job well done and not because it's our anniversary or his special day, but simply because sometimes you just realize that "Geez! That guy does so damn much. I'm very lucky." And he's hot too.


  1. Ahhh thanks for giving me that milkshake craving. Poor Wayne just left to get me one...five minutes before the only show he watches on TV comes on. !!

    That's so awesome that your husband is stepping up. It makes it so much easier on you. My husband is really kicking tail lately too. He says he's in competition for husband of the year :-) I won't complain...

  2. yup. gotta love them when they do all those things.

    esp. if they're hot...

  3. He's the lucky one, girlfriend.

  4. Very nice. Kudos to him. I feel the same way about my hubs - I should say it more often too. (my DH went out to DQ for me last night and I'm not even pregnant! I would never do that for him!)


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