Friday, October 24, 2008

Drinky,drinky please?!

Dude, I'm so pregnant.

My face is like a giant melon all swollen and such. I might feel compelled to show you a pic. Though - ugh. (Trying so hard to not have a bad body image issue moment... hold on... OK done.)
A perfect spiky-haired stranger hugged me last night while I was sitting in a restaurant booth inhaling some peanut butter chocolate smorgasbord with my GNO friends. Um.. I don't adore being hugged by even family half the time never mind someone I do not know. Who then wants to rub my belly and ask, "Oh you poor dear! Tell me you are almost done!?"

My Dad called to ask if the turkey was done. I told him that each time someone said to me, "Done?! You still have so long to go I wanted to tell them to, "Kiss my ass!" Whitney Houston style.

Seriously folks, this show needs to be over. Curtain please!! I beg you! I have maybe three weeks left if my doctor feels like being a total masochist. My joints feel 95 freakin-years-old! I cry over anything that has to do with sisters as I imagine TD and Dash Two in the future. I'm a mess. I so badly need a cocktail or glass of wine as I head to the DC Metro Moms party tonight and yet, lest I be judged for imbibing, I will attend another blogging event stone cold sober. So tired of that sober thing too.

GIVEAWAYS: It's a freakin' bonanza today! I'm running a contest along with Noobie here on this ol' blog to WIN A Wii just in time for the holidays. Yes, really. Just click the ad right there on the left hand side or the highlighted text above. It's easy peasy, folks. Go ahead, you know you want too.

I'm also giving away a copy of the New Mom's Survival Guide here.

Fine. Happy now? This was four weeks ago. Since then, I've popped.


  1. Oh do I ever remember those last few painful weeks. Mine were always exacerbated with the fact that I was also desperately trying to wrap things up at work. GAH.
    Hang tight! It's almost over and then you get to lap up seeing the big sister kissing her new baby!

  2. This may be the most ridiculous question asked today, but are you just forwarding people to that website to enter after they click on your ads? How do you know someone is entering for the wii on your blog - with a comment? I'm so confused.. I have a fever.

    On that note, I hope you feel better too!!! I never win anything, but if I'm going to not win something, I would like it to not be a Wii.. I'm dying to get one.

  3. I get nothing for the ad clickage. Just a chance for someone, not me, to win a Wii and learn about Noobie. I get no money. Nada.

    So click away, you might get a Wii. I won't.

  4. I am so glad to be over with the extra hugs and stranger convos while preggy, but now they all want to touch my baby! Stay away!


  5. i have to say, having seen you last night, you don't look huge to me at all! maybe your belly, but nothing else! you may FEEL huge, but you look great. hang in there - only a few more weeks...

  6. I cannot IMAGINE a DCMM even sober. You're a real trooper!!
    (wink wink)

    It was great meeting you!

  7. I won't even tell you how I was a full week overdue with Mira. Oh wait.

    Seriously, hope the baby is here soon. I remember how hard those last few weeks were. (And belly rubs from stranger? Ick.)

  8. First, you DO NOT look big. You look pregnant. Honestly. Second, I can not wait to share wine with you once this girl is born!!


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