Monday, September 29, 2008

Random Questions #193- and a Random Twilight Question

I was sad to hear the news this weekend of Paul Newman's passing. Indeed, one of the nicest looking men ever to grace the silver screen. With that in mind, it's the Random Question Hottie edition.

1. Older actor you have always swooned over (can even be from the silent days before the talkies if that is your thing).

I'm sticking with Newman.

2. Who served time in your locker in high school?

I know. You were expecting this guy and it's true, but there were others.

Like this one. Before the Dark Knight and American Psycho there was Lord of the Flies and his role as Laurie from Little Women.

3. Got a secret crush now that even your significant other and/or friends find bizarre? Fess up here.

And can someone? Anyone, tell me why I need to jump on the Twilight bandwagon? Everywhere I turn my friends, blogging and non are getting all hyped up over this series. Is it really worth it? Really? Will I soon be saying things like, "H, is no Edward!" too?
Now it's your turn.


  1. 1) Paul Newman (RIP), Sean Connery, Harrison Ford.

    2) Jon Bon Jovi (wait, that was Jr. High), Igor Cavalera from Sepultura.

    3) Howie Long.

    I can't explain the "Twilight" thing, but I am on the fourth book and even though I haven't been to a movie in the theater since "Sideways" I'm going to this one. Even if I have to find a 14 year old to go with me to justify it.

  2. Anonymous8:38 PM

    You will love Edward just as much as we do, just go with it and join the teenage vampire-love band wagon already.

  3. The Twilight series is just okay. It's nothing THAT wonderful...but it's easy to read and interesting so it keep you going anyway.

    What I (and you might be interested in this also) found to be the most interesting was going to the stephanie meyer website and reading about how she went about creating the stories and then getting them published.

    Harry Potter is waaaay better than Twilight.

  4. Older actor I have crush on: Cary Grant

    High school locker: Andrew McCarthy

    Crush my friends don't get: Sting

    Twilight series: I have no interest in it at all.

  5. How could I forget Andrew McCarthey?! That scene in Pretty in Pink where he first kisses Molly Ringwald? To die for! Best kiss ever.

    I watch Lipstick Jungle just to see him half the time.

  6. 1. Cary Grant
    2. I don't remember! Probably the Coreys. I loved Lost Boys and Dream a Little Dream.
    3. I luuuuv Adrien Brody. I think he could play Mike in a movie.


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