Monday, August 18, 2008


From the "I Shoulda Known..." chapter of life.

I shoulda known better than to think everything was fine when TD kept saying, "Almost done Momma!" for more than fifteen minutes in the bathroom. Instead, I kept cleaning the kitchen while getting lost in an NPR radio buzz. That is until she emerged from the bathroom smeared in poo. Yup. Shoulda known better. Shoulda had more wipes in the house and paper towels on hand. Probably shouldn't have sprayed her with this at first sight, but I did. Hey! It was already in my hand and it was only her foot. I really cleaned her up afterwards.

Shoulda known better than to tell my friend how concerned I really am about her and her state of affairs as I haven't heard from her in a while. I shoulda known I might have been overstepping my bounds, but I just couldn't leave it alone. I am deeply concerned. Where do you draw the line when your friend seems so unhappy and in pain and far away? How do you know when you are saying too much and offering too much opinion? I would hate to lose her and I just might have.

Shoulda known that at some point my bathing suit bottoms would flip out on me. That's right. There I sat at the pool this weekend taking in a bit of SPF-safe sun and chlorinated bliss when I felt the front of my bottoms just FLIP downward. The weight of my globe of a stomach being too much for the Lycra/spandex material. Its last moments were probably like Scotty's from Star Trek, "I've given all she's got..the whole thing is gonna blow!"

OK, this time its for reals people- I'm over here now too. Honest Baby. Funny and informative- it's parenting without the pressure cooker feeling. Don't forget to check out the latest at MPR and know that a super extravaganza of a giveaway or two will be happening soon. So stay tuned.

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  1. You can't draw the line on a friend - you would always wish you'd said something if you didn't. You're doing everything you can by saying something - and letting her know you're there.

    Thanks for the bday email - what you said was perfect and touched me. So thank you! Yes, we need to email more, but I'm just so bad at it...will try... ;)

    Love you! Di


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