Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Green Nail Polish is Not Cool for School

I'm going to visit another pre-school today, where I hope the words "intense", "competitive" and "schedule your child into therapy from the stress of this uber-expensive learning center" do not spill out of the administrators mouth.

I just want a tour and not to feel like I have to buy a time-share or something.

I think it is safe to say though that I should remove the yellow and blue makes green nail polish I slopped onto my fingernails on Sunday night in a fit of boredom. When your toddler calls you "silly" and so does the three year-old next door, it might be time to change the polish color. I'm probably being checked out just as much as my kid, if not more, while touring these bastions of tiny education.

Does this mean I have to be a room mother at some point? I only do cupcakes, people and I hear those are 'out'.

Now here, go make your head explode. Look at the ad too. Is it just me or is that the heiress herself in a few short sun-filled years?

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  1. What? Cupcakes are out? One day when I was pg and crazy I got upset that I'd never be able to bring birthday cupcakes to school for A because she was going to be born in July. What a gyp!


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