Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympic-Sized Overheards

Scene: H & I sitting in a darkened den watching the brain suckage that is the passing of the countries during the Olympics opening ceremony. The excitement could not be contained as we exclaimed over countries wardrobe choices and wondered when the real festivities would begin.

Me: Augh! Who the hell is that jackass yokel?! Look at the way he is sitting with his legs splayed out. Bored, much? Dude! You are on television! At least look like you are lucky to be there!

seconds later...

Me: Oh crap. That yokel is the President of the United States.

H: Proceeds to laugh so hard he falls completely off the couch, his body in a tight ball as he wheezes and laughs even harder until he almost cries or pees. Whichever comes first in non-pregnant men. The phrase, "That's classic!" utters forth in between his guffaws.

Me: What?! It's no wonder other countries hate us. That was terrible!

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  1. I just fell out of my chair at work laughing. I LOVE IT!


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