Tuesday, July 08, 2008

At Least Someone is Working

Hello from the unemployed front! We are in week two of all being under the same roof all the time. And while H has turned his job search into a full time job and I'm plugging away at all my little unpaid, ahem! someone throw me a bone here!, gigs we are for all intensive purposes a dual no-income household. Kick ass.

Except T.D.

She is apparently working. All the time. Whenever I ask her what she is doing, be it playing with Play-Doh or helping me sort laundry she tells me, "I'm working Mama! I'm working!" I don't have the heart to tell her we can't pay her for her services.

She thinks we are working too. Yesterday morning as I cleaned the shower she came over and inspected my workmanship, hands on hips and intoned, "Mama working. Mama is working..." Funny, I thought when I quit that motel maid job (apparently the place hasn't been cleaned since I worked there.) back in 1995 my days of being paid jack for scrubbing bathrooms was over.


  1. They don't call it houseWORK for nothing. ;-)

    Good luck on the job search. I feel for you. We had our own bout of unemployment while I was a SAHM and then my husband working but not getting paid (lawsuit pending). It's stressful... for everyone!

  2. We are still a household of the under/un-employed also. The worst is that Aaron applied for unemployment, and I can't be counted as a dependent. Turns out if I make 1/4 of a week's worth of his old salary (only a quarter of a week) in THREE MONTHS time, I'm considered employed.

    That's like $125 in three months - yeah, we're livin' large on that.

    Here's hoping that both of our husbands can find good jobs soon.


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