Thursday, June 05, 2008

Toddler Pulled Over for DUI

I know. I know. I'm all about the weird news this week but this grabbed my attention this morning as I was driving myself down the road and T.D. was in the back seat. Not I might add, driving. Because, no matter how sick I might feel? I'm not letting that crazy kid drive my tank of a car. For reals folks this actually happened.

GOSHEN TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- GOSHEN TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- A police officer in Ohio said he pulled over a woman he suspected was driving drunk and found the woman's 1-year-old son steering the wheel, reported WLWT-TV in Cincinnati. Marya Green was pulled over Tuesday.

The officer said that when he came to the driver's window, he found Green's 1-year-old son at the wheel, sitting in Green's lap. Green, 29, registered a 0.11 percent blood-alcohol level. Two other children, ages 8 and 5, were also in the car. Green was arrested and faces charges of DUI, driving under OVI suspension, noncompliance and endangering children. Police said this is Green's third DUI arrest in six years. The children were released to their father.

OK, not to make light of the situation but um... why not choose the 8 year-old instead? That baby was probably like, "Geez, MOM! Not again! I know I'm cute and all but I can't be gettin' you out of tickets all the time!"

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